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Lincoln Day Dinner – 2014

As reported in the Fourth Precinct Newsletter of April 27, 2014:

Return of the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner – Rousing Success!

The first Lincoln Day Dinner in several years was a rousing success despite both the prediction of snow and actual snowfall.  Guest speaker Pastor Rafael Cruz (above) attracted an audience of close to 300, with many coming from the Front Range and the other side of Red Mountain to hear his story.  Various elected officials and candidates in the audience were recognized but Pastor Cruz was the only speaker.  The dinner alone was worth more than the price of admission, catered by Tammy Tuttle’s and the True Grit staff.

Master of Ceremonies David Hamilton, past chairman of the Ouray Republican Party, kept things moving, from the Pledge of Allegiance led by congressman Scott Tipton and invocation by Pastor Cruz, to remarks by Ryan Call, chairman of the Colorado Republican party and by Susan Watson, chair of the Ouray county Republican party.  Following dinner a classic Henry rifle was auctioned off for the benefit of a college fund for a young lady surviving the tragic death of her younger brother earlier this month.  Every place setting was provided a pocket copy of the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution courtesy of Marti and Jack Flowers.
Steve House, until recently one of the candidates for governor, introduced Pastor Cruz.
Starting with his disenchantment with the turn around of Fidel Castro from peoples’ revolutionary to dictator and the results of socialism, Pastor Cruz pointed out that when people of principle sit out elections, that leaves the wicked electing the wicked to office.  He cited Moses’s father in law telling Moses to select able men who fear God, are men of truth and hate covetousness, and to appoint them to rule at various levels – equivalent to our federal, state and local government, and not to micro-manage them – the equivalent of federalism.  He emphasized that if the Constitution does not enumerate a role for the federal government, that function, e.g. education, is the domain of the people and local government, not the federal government.
Pastor Cruz pointed out that all the supporters of the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare), i.e. the congress, the unions, the IRS, certain big businesses, have all requested exemptions from the ACA for themselves.  At the same time the ACA is the gift that keeps on giving  – it may finally wake up the voters to vote Republican.  He pointed out the Second Amendment does  not give a right to bear arms, but states such right (already existing) shall not be infringed.  Referring to the 2012 election, he charged that if you don’t vote for a Republican you don’t like, you will get a Democrat you don’t want.
While he predicted a significant Republican victory  in 2014 taking back control of the U.S. Senate, he made it clear that making it happen depends upon people taking action, not sitting back passively, and urged the audience to pledge to take such action.

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Discussions abound

Apr-r- 005

Pastor Rafael Cruz with Mr. & Mrs.Hamilton

Apr-r- 023

Ryan Call, chairman of Colorado Republican Central Committee, with Ralph Walchle

Apr-r- 022

Master of ceremonies organizing the event

Apr-r- 026

Pastor Cruz with Congressman Scott Tipton

Apr-r- 028

Steve House, recent gubernatorial candidate from Adams County and Ouray GOP chair Susan Watson

Apr-r- 038

David Hamilton, past chairman of Ouray GOP, Master of Ceremonies

Apr-r- 042

Ryan Call, chairman Colorado Republican Central Committee

Apr-r- 043

Steve House, recent gubernatorial candidate

Apr-r- 046

[Mrs] Susan Watson – remarks from the chair of the Ouray County Republican Committee

Apr-r- 064

Don Latham with the classic Henry rifle to be auctioned off

Apr-r- 071

The fast moving auction – most can’t think as fast as Mr. Flowers can talk and have bids rolling in

Apr-r- 074

Steve House introducing Pastor Cruz

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Pastor Rafael Cruz

Pastor Rafael Cruz

Apr-r- 079  Excellent vibrant passionate presentation!

The event was a rousing success, and sincere thanks are extended to:

Special thanks to
John and JoAnn Weaver for Pastor Cruz’s travel arrangements
Jack and Mary Flowers for the pocket Constitution booklets
Rifle Committee: Don Latham and Zack Prock
Caterers: Tammee Tuttle, True Grit Catering and staff
Lincoln Day Dinner Committee:
Lynne Evans                                      Carol Garard
Dave & Kate Hamilton                     Gail Jossi
Vonnie Kuijvenhoven                       Tracie Rief
Susan Watson                                    Donna Whiskeman
Ouray County Republican Executive Committee:
Susan Watson, Chair                        Eric Lederer, Vice Chair
Donna Whiskeman, Vice Chair       Lezah Saunders, Secretary
Vonnie Kuijvenhoven, Treasurer
Ouray County Precinct Captains:
Larry Coulter                                    Lynne Evans
Jack Flowers                                     Robert Frost
Carol Garard                                     Jason Michael Gunning
Gail Jossi                                            Daris Jutten
Bob Larson                                        John Mitchell
And especially to our featured speaker: Pastor Rafael Cruz