Officers and Officials

Officers of the Ouray County Republican Party   (as of February 2018

County chairman:  John Mitchell,
County vice chairman: Richard Wojciechowski,
Secretary:  Carol Mitchell;
Treasurer:  Vonnie Kuijvenhoven 970-209-3822
Mailing Address:  OurayGOP,  835 Sabeta Drive, Ridgway, CO 81432

Precinct Committee Persons
Precinct 1:     Lynne Evans, 970-901-1204 e-mail;

Precinct 2:    Bette Maurer; e-mail:

Precinct 3:    John Mitchell   970-626-5874

Precinct 4:     James Waltz  and Karla Waltz  248-462-3276

Precinct 5:     Larry Coulter, 970-626-5647;

Precinct boundaries were clarified by the Board of County Commissioners resolution 2011-031 of 27 September 2011.  Detailed descriptions of the boundaries are attached to the resolution.

  1. Precinct 1 is the south-east portion of the county, south of Cutler Creek, east of highway U.S. 550.
  2. Precinct 2 is the south-west portion of the county, west of U.S. 550 and south of county roads 3A and 23.
  3. Precinct 3 is the central-western precinct, north of precinct 2 and south of precinct 4.  It includes the southern half of Log Hill Mesa with McKenzie creek as the northern boundary (crossing CR#1 north of Big Canyon Point and south of Wisteria Drive), with  US 550 as its eastern boundary southward until CR 24, where it jogs west to CR#5, runs into Ridgway along CR#5/Amelia, then east down Moffat Street to CR#23 and south to Coal Creek.
  4. Precinct 4 is the northern and north-western part of the county, north of precinct 3 and encompassing the north-eastern portion of the county south as far as CR#4.
  5. Precinct 5 is mostly east of U.S. 550 south of CR#4 down to about Cutler Creek, except that it takes in the Ridgway Town area south of CR#24 east of CR#5 and north of Moffat Street, east of CR#23 and north of CR#3A.  Thus most of Ridgway Town is in precinct 5 although some western and southern portions are not.

 County elected Republican officials

Commissioner:  Don Batchelder
Clerk and Recorder: Michelle Nauer
Assessor: Susie Mayfield
Sheriff: Dominic Mattivi
Surveyor: Robert Larson
Coroner: Colleen Hollenbeck